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The fish whisperer

Orbit looking for fish

Orbit looking for fish at the local park

At the moment, each time we step off Medina, Orbit begins to yell “fish-eze, fish-eze, where are you”? 

Orbit is fascinated with fish and looks for them where ever there is water. Once he spots a fish (any fish will do, he’s not picky), he yells, “fishe-eze, me, me, fish-eze” (I am called, “me” at the moment), followed by much pointing and jumping before he settles in to watch the fish. Orbit will sit and watch the fish as long as they are there to watch.

As its winter at our end of the world, there are lots of fish around. The bream hang out under the boats; the mullet hang out in the shadows of the floating pontoons; plenty of schools of bait fish and the usual ‘puffer’ fish that hang around the underwater growth on the floating pontoons.

Orbit watching the 'puffer fish

Orbit watching the ‘puffer’ fish

This morning we were playing ‘ball’ at one of the local parks and Orbit decided to walk out on one of the jetties to see if he could find some fish. As he was walking out, I am sure everyone in the park heard his yells of “fish-eze, fish-eze, where are you?”

After carefully putting his ball down so it didn’t roll into the water, Orbit sat down at the end of the jetty and started to look for the fish. He was so excited when he found some ‘puffer’ fish that he accidentally knocked his ball into the water. Unfortunately the wind blew it into a storm water drain and I wasn’t about to retrieve it.

Luckily Orbit wasn’t too disappointed about losing his ball, nothing that the promise of a cup cake didn’t fix.

With Orbit’s current fascination with fish, its going to be interesting the next time he goes fishing with the Skipper!