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Painting with salt water

IMG_4221 A few months ago a package arrived from Orbit’s cousins in Canberra with some truly wonderful presents in it. One of the presents was a Paint With Water book. This book and others (we now have a growing library) are my “go to” activity when I need Orbit occupied for about 15 minutes.

Orbit takes a great delight in ‘painting’. Its lovely when he says “Yeah!” when I suggest we do some painting or refreshing to hear him say “painting” when I ask what he would like to do. It has been really interesting watch his skills develop, from how he holds the paintbrush to where he paints – on the paper, off the paper, trying to keep within the lines or not.

Paint with Water books are fantastic for any number of reasons, there is less mess to clean up (compared to paints), are relatively cheap and easy to find (I buy mine online), they don’t take up much space, we only need water and a paint brush, the ‘paint’ comes off skin easily and doesn’t seem to effect the varnish or upholstery (as long its cleaned up relatively quickly). The pictures can take sometime some time to dry (depending on the amount of water that has been used), so I just pat them down with hand towel and hang them up on the safety lines with some pegs to dry.

From experience (hence the library of Paint with Water books), I’ve found that the books with a picture only on one side and with perforated edges, so one page can be pulled out and painted at one time are the best.

I have also found an answer to my question of what to do with Orbit’s growing collection of artwork – use it as wrapping paper! ‘Homemade’ wrapping paper just adds that special touch, doesn’t cost any extra money and means we don’t have to carry wrapping paper for presents.

IMG_4297This week I decided to experiment to see if the pictures worked with saltwater, and they did! Not a earth shattering discovery I know, but because we’re conscious about our water use, any little bit of water saving adds up. I am constantly on the lookout for activities that suit the cruising lifestyle (limited or no water, limited or no electricity and doesn’t take up too much space) and I think this one is another winner.

Another fabulous thing about Paint with Water books is that there is no age limit on them. I really enjoy painting my own picture while Orbit does his (hence my need for him to be occupied for about 15 minutes). I suppose it ties in with all the ‘mindfulness techniques’ that are around at the moment, like the colouring-in books for big kids (i.e. adults). So, Paint with Water books are a winner on Medina, may our library grow!

A big thanks to Orbit’s Aunty Kelli for sending Orbit his first Paint with Water book – we haven’t looked back!