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Orbit’s sunglasses go ‘plop’

A few months ago, I was walking to Medina with Orbit in his backpack. Everything was going well, Orbit was happy, sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot or humid, it was high tide so the ramp to the floating pontoons was at a easy angle to walk down, I even had the groceries evenly balanced. If someone was watching, they might have thought I was picture of an organised boat mum!

Orbit with his old sunglasses on

Orbit with his old sunglasses on

We were about halfway to Medina when I heard, ‘plop’, something had fallen in the water. When something falls in the water, I instantly get a feeling of dread, I know I am not going to be able to retrieve it.

The source of the ‘plop’ was Orbit’s sunglasses hitting the water.

As I watched them sinking slowly to the bottom of the marina, a thought passed through my head.

I could drop the shopping, lie on my tummy (with Orbit still in the backpack) and try to reach for the slow descending sunglasses, maybe, just maybe I could retrieve them?

But reality hit a) the sunglasses were probably out of my reach b) Orbit would probably fall out of the backpack as I was reaching for the sunglasses or we would both fall in the water with his weight counterbalancing me forward.  I would rather replace the sunglasses then have us fall in the water! So there I stood, watching the sunglasses descend, no longer feeling like I was the picture of being an organised boat mum.

Living on a sailing boat, and already having had one BCC removed, I am conscious about sun protection. Not only for myself but for Orbit and the Skipper too. Sunglasses are an important part how we protect ourselves from the damage caused by the sun.

This is why I had the feeling of dread watching Orbit’s sunglasses sink to the bottom of the marina. If it was a non essential item, I would not worry about it, but sunglasses are pretty important, so they would need to be quickly replaced.

Orbit modelling his new sunglasses while waiting to get in the tinny

Orbit modelling his new sunglasses while waiting to get in the tinny

Trying to learn from my mistakes, I found a pair of children’s sunglasses that float! A brand called Squids, baby sunglasses are called Mini Squids. I purchased mine from an Australian company, Eyetribe.

I chose the Mini Squids because they are designed for babies and toddlers, aged 0-2, provide 100% UV protection (which meets the relevant Australian Standard), have shatterproof polycarbonate safety lenses, are light weight and are extremely flexible, Orbit hasn’t been able to break his yet. And did I mention that they float?

Now he Orbit is getting older, the sunglasses are staying on longer, and he sometimes asks to put them on, especially if the Skipper has his sunglasses on. 

So I think we maybe winning the sun protection battle, sunscreen – tick; shirt – tick; hat – tick; sunglasses – getting there!