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Medina coming out of the water

In preparation for our slow adventure and as part of our regular maintenance schedule, its time for Medina to come out of the water (also known as being ‘hauled out’ or ‘going up on the hard’).

Its a rather unnerving experience that I don’t think any boat owner looks forward to, but alas it must be done. Just getting to the ‘pen’ where she is pulled out is a little adventure (as you will see).

On our to do list is a fresh coat of anti foul paint (the black paint that stops things growing on the hull), clear some toys and pegs from the cockpit drains and check all our underwater bibs and bobs.

I’ve made a short video of Medina coming out of the water, will hopefully get some more video of what she looks like in her cradle and then back in the water.

Its too dangerous to have Orbit on board through this adventure, so we gave him to day off to play with his friends.

Hope you enjoy the ride!