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An open letter to Poseidon

The crew of Medina

Moreton Bay, Queensland



Dear Poseidon

Medina has been in her pen since April. We have not raised a sail or lowered an anchor for over three months.

We haven’t been idly sitting by for three months. We have done a lot of work in preparing her and us to go cruising. We are currently focused on¬†only the critical tasks required to go cruising – addressing Medina’s engine and anchor issues. This has been a good thing as the Skipper has learnt many things about our trusty blue engine and how many layers of paint were in the anchor well (and what was under them).

It won’t be long, we will be out there again. Medina’s engine, anchor well, chain and anchor are coming back together again (slowly, but better than before). And when they are, we will fulfil a number of promises …

We promise to take Medina for a sail, to stretch her halyards and sails, slowly at first, to let her (and us) warm up and then to let her fly. To feel the wind in her sails, at all points of sail.

We promise to get salt water over the deck, we may even leave a hatch open to tempt a rouge wave to come inside.

We promise for Medina not to feel the fenders on her waist for such a long time again.

We promise to let the water wash the slime off her hull and the wind to blow away the cobwebs that have started to grow.

We promise we will spill beer and rum on her decks as we toast the sunset, and look forward to another day.

We promise to put her mooring lines in such a safe place that we need 24 hours to find them again.

Dear Poseidon we promise all this and more, for who knows what adventures we are going to have and memories we are going to make.

[Poseidon is the god of the sea in greek mythology]