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Turning Medina’s deck into a playpen

The life line netting is on and Medina’s deck looks like one big play pen!

It took the Skipper and I about 40 hours over six days to do the bulk of the work. I still have to finish the netting for the life line gates and the tricky sections on the transom, but plan to tackle these over a few days when Orbit is having his afternoon nap.

Some things I learnt while installing life line netting:

  • The Sailrite Youtube video is fantastic, as it gives you the formulas to work out the materials you need. A huge thanks to Kris from Freya IV for the link.
  • If listening to headphones while installing the netting, make sure the cord is inside your shirt, so it doesn’t get tangled with the lines.
  • Zip tie the netting to the life lines first. It makes it easier to get the tension you would like. I found doing at least one panel (the area between two stanchions) ahead of the one your working on was the best.
  • You can get netting in a diamond shape and rhombus shape. I thought I had ordered the diamond but actually ordered the rhombus, I quite like it now that its on.
  • Allow four times as long as you think it is going to take, but once you have your system of getting the netting on, it gets faster.
  • Because your on deck, its a great opportunity to socialise with people walking past.

I captured our work using time lapse photography and then did a major edit to fit it into something that might entertain you for a minute and a half.

Hope you enjoy!