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Let the adventure begin

Welcome to my first post.

I am using this first post as an opportunity to bring you up to speed with the story so far (the short version).

The Skipper and I have been dreaming about ‘going cruising’ since we first got together. After many years of discussing the best boat design for us and saving, we were finally in the position to start looking at boats. I clearly remember the day that I found Medina on yachthub.com.au, I was showing a work mate how good the website was and using the design of boat we were after as an example … and there she was (and in the marina 5 minutes away from where we lived).

After the usual pre-purchase process, we were at the crunch time of putting in an offer. An hour before our meeting with the broker I did a pregnancy test. The test was positive and we had to make an even bigger life changing decision, we could not afford to buy the boat and live in a house, it was an either or situation; I was pregnant and we had a meeting with the broker …

We agreed to put in an offer because the bigger regret would be not giving it ago rather than giving a it go and realising that we would be better off living in a house and raising our child. The owners accepted our offer and the adventure began.

Orbit is now 16 months and happy growing up on Medina. I’ll post about my experiences about being pregnant and living on a sailing boat and raising a newborn through to being a toddler. I’ll also post about getting Medina ready to go cruising.