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When you don’t have a fridge door …

We don’t have a conventional stand alone fridge on Medina like what you find in most houses. I wish we did, ahhhh … the space, the shelves, the internal light – I do miss the strangest things.

Our fridge (next to the oven)

Our fridge (next to the oven)

Our fridge is built in and more like an large esky with a small generator on the side to keep things cool. It opens from the top and we have to ‘pack’ our food in the fridge in plastic containers to keep things organised.

One of the benefits of having a conventional fridge, is having a fridge door to put children’s artwork, awards on etc.

A¬†good friend (who is also a primary school teacher) encouraged me to display Orbit’s artwork and awards, regardless of our lack of space and fridge door. She explained that displaying Orbit’s artwork and awards shows him that what he does is valued, helps to build his confidence and and shows him that we are proud of what he does.


Orbit’s bulkhead

So, in lieu of having a fridge door, we have dedicated part of a bulkhead to Orbit’s efforts. We choose the starboard midships bulkhead because anyone who walks down below can see his work (as well as Orbit), its a prime location!

Sellotape seems to be the best medium to attach the work or awards as this doesn’t leave marks on the wood, is easy to remove and doesn’t mark the artwork or award. We just fold the ends over the corners once its finished being displayed.

I try to rotate Orbit’s artwork regularly. When something has been up for ‘too long’, it is a reminder for me to get the craft box out and get our creative juices flowing again. We leave his awards up until he gets a replacement, e.g. moving up to the next level of swimming lessons.

We do keep a selection of Orbit’s artwork on the boat, but unfortunately we can keep it all. I try to keep the pieces that have the highest sentimental value or something he may be interested in later on in life. In time I plan to take photos of all his work, as photos take up a lot less space, but its not the same as having an original.

I am sure as we travel around on our adventure the bulkhead won’t be big enough. Hopefully we’ll all be inspired to create some artwork to put up around Medina’s interior!