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The advantages of cooking on Medina

Cooking. I think you either love it or you endure it. Being a stay at home boat mum, cooking is something that I just can not avoid, so I fall into the endure camp. In hindsight I have enjoyed learning how to cook on Medina but you won’t find me getting up early for the local farmers market.

Heeling over at about 15 degrees, you can see the angle of the boat by the calendar and stove (they are horizontal)

Heeling over at about 15 degrees, you can see the angle of the boat by the calendar and stove (they are horizontal)

Cooking on Medina has its obvious challenges, most of which amount from living in an environment that is constantly moving or a lack of space. Medina doesn’t move too much when we are in the marina or at anchor, but when we are sailing, cooking can be quite a physical challenge.

We only have a small fridge and freezer but am grateful we have them as some boats don’t have either! We have limited storage space for perishable and non-perishable foods, appliances, utensils etc. All these items can compete for space for other things we have to store, such as tools, equipment, etc. Only having two gas burners and a stove the size of a large shoe box means we’re not going to undertaking a catering challenge like you see on the reality cooking shows. Limited access to 240v power when sailing or at anchor means I have to think in advance about a recipe that involves an electrical appliance and what the alternative method will be.


Orbit watching his ‘afternoon shows’ while I prepare dinner

Thank goodness for the wonderful people who have blogs and books dedicated to cooking on boats – we would not have made it through the last two and a half years without their advice!

But, cooking on Medina also has its advantages that may not seem so obvious.

Being in a small living space means I can tell you what shows are on ABC Kids in the late afternoon, if they have changed their programming and yep I can sing every Giggle and Hoot song off by heart. One of my favourite advances is the ever changing view from the three hatches above the galley if we are sailing or at anchor.


Orbit checking out dinner through one of the hatches above the galley

We never have ‘mountains’ of washing up as we only have a limited number of plates, cups, cutlery etc. Sometimes my biggest decision (once I have worked out what to cook for dinner) is what saucepan to use … we only have two, the big one and the little one.

I don’t need to download brain training games, as I am often caught out without the correct ingredients, so I have to work out what I can substitute in or out to make something resembling the original dish.

Another advantage is, when we are sailing or at anchor, simple food tastes even better. Which means my simple food goes down a treat! Lucky because I don’t know how to cook fancy food!