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Buzzy Bee to the rescue – Part 2

A quick follow up to last week’s post on Orbit’s buzzy bee.

We did go for a sail on the weekend and Orbit was keen to get out on deck once we were anchored. Keen to take his buzzy bee with him, I found myself searching for something to make a harness and tether for Orbit’s little friend. A bit of nylon rope, a clip and a few knots and buzzy bee had his harness and tether!



Buzzy bee to the rescue!

Orbit is going through a phase (or I would like to think it is a phase) of not doing anything that I would like or need him to do. He doesn’t want to sit on the potty, doesn’t want to have lunch, doesn’t want to wear a nappy, doesn’t want to hop in the backpack so we can get between Medina and the car, the list goes on and on.

I am not sure when our days started to be filled with little battles, it seems to have crept up on us. First there was the odd one or two tantrums but now there is sheer defiance. I have been reassured that this is typical behaviour of a nearly two year old, he is just asserting his independence and working out boundaries, that it will pass. Or maybe we’ll work out a way for our stubborn personalities to get along.

Orbit with his buzzy bee

Orbit with his buzzy bee

There are few things Orbit is happy to do amongst all this angst. One of these is taking his buzzy bee for a walk. I think Orbit likes taking his buzzy bee for a walk because I generally let him go where he would like, he is outside and he has a ‘friend’ with him.

Orbit’s little bee has travelled some ground, along the floating marina, through car parks and muddy puddles, across grassy areas, up and down ‘hills’ and back home to Medina. On one hand Orbit is so gentle when unraveling the string when it gets caught around a wheel or a wing but then on the other, he is so rough as he runs with the little bee following behind, its clicks getting faster as Orbit’s little legs start to run.

When walking along the floating marina, Orbit is conscious of where his bee is in relation to the water, watching it as he gets closer to the edge. Orbit is also fascinated as the little bee sometimes (at low tide) overtakes him as they descend down the ramp onto the floating marina.

I found this photo on http://www.cupinfo.com/en/unveiling_etnz1.php 

I found this photo on http://www.cupinfo.com/en/unveiling_etnz1.php

While Orbit has been taking his buzzy bee on mini-adventures (I am just there to make sure neither of them fall in the water), we have had some wonderful conversations with people about how they grew up with a buzzy bee or their children/grandchildren have. This prompted me to google the buzzy bee and did you know that it has a sailing connection? According to wikipedia, the “iconic New Zealand symbol, the Buzzy Bee caricature was used on the keel of NZL84, one of Emirates Team New Zealand’s entrant yachts for the America’s Cup held in Valencia, Spain, in 2007.”

As we are going out for a sail this weekend, I might need to quickly make a tether for Orbit’s buzzy bee so he can take it for a walk around the deck. I think I should invest in a backup bee (just in case)!