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Orbit’s hugs

Yamba getting a one arm hug

Yamba getting a one arm hug

Orbit is at the wonderful age of being very affectionate. He loves giving and receiving lots of hugs and is happy to sit for a cuddle. Although there’s never a bad time for a hug, there are times, when, let’s be honest, it’s not safe (e.g. making a coffee), practical (e.g. when cleaning shower) or convenient (e.g. on the head).

In preparation for this year’s Mother’s Day, Orbit and I pulled out the trusty craft box and started to look through hoping for a creative spark of something to make for his grandmothers.

While Orbit giving me a big hug, the spark came – we could make hugs! Based on what we had in the craft box and making it up as we went along (with some inspiration from Mister Maker and Play School) I think we came up with something pretty special.

Orbit’s hugs are very simple to make with lots of room for variation so they can be tailored to what your child would like to do.

  1. Cut a heart out of a piece of cardboard
  2. Decorate the heart with what ever you like (we choose pictures of flowers out of old magazines. Orbit wanted to put a face on his, so we used some goggly eyes and drew on a smile
  3. To make the arms, fold long strips of cardboard back on forth on itself, creating a concertina effect and glue one end of each to either side of the heart
  4. Trace your child’s hands (right and left) on paper or cardboard and cut them out
  5. Glue ‘hands’ on to the other end of the arms
  6. Finish decorating

Orbit and a hug he made for his one grandmothers

I left pegs on the ‘folded arms’ over night to help them stay folded, but I am not sure if this is necessary.

It was with a great sense of pride that Orbit gave his hugs (followed by real ones) to his grandmothers on Mother’s Day. Orbit’s grandmother’s thought their hugs (and the real ones too) were pretty special. Orbit’s hugs are now are stuck on the doors of their fridges.

So although Orbit’s cardboard hugs are special, safe, practical and convenient at all times, everyone agrees they don’t make up for the real thing.

Big hugs to everyone out there and thanks for reading our little blog 🙂