Just one more season?

Deck shoes aren’t just a sailing fashion statement for me, I genuinely need to wear them. As the ‘official deck hand’ on Medina, I tend to do most things outside the cockpit, and am very good at kicking everything on the deck, on the dock – anywhere really!

I love my Dubarry deck shoes (Dubarry didn’t pay me for this statement, but I wish they would!). My current pair have so far latest seven years.  Who knows for how many more years, if any, I will get out of them. I was fortunate enough to be given a new of Dubarry deck shoes for Christmas – they are now my ‘good shoes’, but I can’t seem to let go my old ones.

Maybe its because we are still getting everything ready to leave on our adventure. Maybe my ‘good shoes’ can become my everyday shoes when we leave on our adventure!




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