Each pocket has a surprise

Just like the Skipper and I, Orbit likes his own space and to spend some quiet time on his own, doing his own thing. Orbit has his ‘own time’ each day and usually spends it with his toys in the v-berth. As we don’t have the space to rotate his toys, I have been thinking of other ways I can ‘mix up’ for him

IMG_3899It’s easy to mix things up when we are off Medina – different anchorages with their natural wonders, parks with their different slides and climbing frames, ball games when we are fortunate enough to have the space to throw and kick a ball. Its also easy when we play together on Medina, there are many options, such as doing craft, cooking etc.

One opportunity to mix up Orbit’s solitary play presented itself last week, when I wasn’t even looking for it! After cleaning Medina, I found myself with a pile of things to put away, including a hanging pocket organiser that had been stuffed behind the saloon cushions and a pile of Orbit’s things that had been ‘stashed’ in various hidey holes (some that I didn’t know we had).

Then the epiphany … I could use the hanging pocket organiser as a way of rotating little surprises for Orbit. By randomly placing different things in the pockets after Orbit has gone to sleep I could surprise him each day with something different.

The pocket organiser on attached to the bulk head

The pocket organiser on attached to the bulk head

The Skipper and I decided the best place for the ‘organiser’ would be on one of the bulkheads and at Orbit’s height so he can easily see what’s in the pockets.

I don’t just put small toys in the pockets, I also pop things in that Orbit has taken an interest in. Such as a tape measure, a piece of plastic (that some stickers were once on), the case for my old glasses, a top, a book, pipe cleaners, crayons and a little book etc. The main thing is that they don’t weigh much and fit in a pocket.

So far, so good. Orbit loves investigating the pockets to see what is in them and playing with at least one thing that he finds. I love seeing his face as he goes through the pockets looking for the surprises each day. So I think the pockets are going to stay for a while!

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