Cars, cars and more cars

Playing with cars on deck

Playing with cars on deck

Sorry for not posting last week. I had the flu and Orbit had a cold.  I think we set a record for going through a box(es) of tissues! 

One of things that enabled us to get through few days of not feeling well was Orbit’s love of cars. They are a close second to anything water related. And even better when they can be combined with water! 

Thank goodness toy cars are a boat friendly toy. They don’t take up much space, can be ‘driven’ on almost anything, are portable and some even float! 

I am forever finding toy cars stashed around the boat – tucked in between cushions, in the washing machine, in the freezer, on deck and in the cockpit. I try to consolidate the ones that are easy find at the end of each day. But alas, if I found all of them, there would be no surprises during the day!

The 'road' masking tape not the saloon table

The ‘road’ masking tape not the saloon table

Orbit has only lost one car into the water. Without trying to sound mean, I am glad it was a bit of a traumatic experience for him, as it was a good learning experience. He hasn’t lost another one since.

Orbit’s Aunt found some masking tape with a road printed on it, which has been fantastic for making roads pretty much anywhere on the Medina. We have a ‘road’ ‘permanently’ on the saloon table which keeps Orbit occupied. To keep things interesting the Skipper and I randomly change the design of the road so every now and then, Orbit gets a surprise when he pulls the table cloth off.

You should have seen Orbit’s face the first time he watched the Cars movie, he was enthralled by it. The movie was a godsend last week when we weren’t feeling well. We both snuggled up in the v-berth with our pillows and blankets and watched the movie (a few times) on the lap top. It was like being in our own (very small) movie theatre.

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