Orbit + water = happiness

Orbit loves water.

A bucket and cloth and Orbit is happy to play when he's lost interest in fishing

A bucket and cloth and Orbit is happy to play when he’s lost interest in fishing

It doesn’t matter if it is salt or fresh, if he is submerged in it or just touching it. If he has his cranky pants on, all I need to do is add water and he is happy again. I just wish it was practical to do so each time he has his cranky pants on.

On the weekend we discovered a new way to add water into Orbit’s life.

We have the same routine when we come back into the marina, tie Medina up and once she is secure, we get Orbit out of bed then close the hatches. I then take Orbit for a walk to stretch his legs while the Skipper washes down Medina.

It was a really hot day and with more focus on getting off the boat than what we were wearing, I forgot to put our hats on. I thought, we won’t go far, we won’t need hats. But I soon realised we did, I decided to head back to Medina. Unfortunately this meant cutting Orbit’s exploring short, causing him to put on his code red cranky pants. Code red cranky pants translates into a mid range tantrum and is between a code black (the lowest level) and code day glow orange (the highest or most extreme tantrum).

The Skipper teaching Orbit how to was down Medina

The Skipper teaching Orbit how to wash down Medina

Once I had carried Orbit back to Medina (he refused to walk), the Skipper was still washing down Medina. Worried about taking Orbit into a hot stuffy boat (from having the hatches closed up), I had a brain wave and asked the Skipper if it would be ok for Orbit to finish washing down Medina with him. The Skipper was more than happy, and Orbit spent the next 10 minutes learning how to wash down the boat. He was in heaven, even putting his head under the hose for an impromptu shower.

Once all the salt was washed off Medina and the hatches open, I managed to get Orbit own below and into the shower. Luckily the shower involves water which means no cranky pants.

Once we were all showered and in clean clothes we were off to Orbit’s grandparent’s house. Within about 30 minutes of arriving, Orbit had found a bucket of water, and you guessed it, he was into it, within an hour of arriving he was in the bath, being cleaned up from the mess he created with the bucket of water.

As I said, Orbit loves water – no matter what form it comes in, lucky we live on a boat!

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