Why Medina wears a nappy

“Can you please buy some nappies for Medina?”

Was I hearing correctly? I was in the process of changing a 1 month old Orbit when the Skipper asked this question.

“Sorry, what was that?” I replied, determined not to admit to ‘baby brain’

“Can you please buy some nappies for Medina?” the Skipper repeated.

Relieved I didn’t have baby brain, I asked “sure, but what for?”

The Skipper explained that the compressor for the fridge had some condensation and the nappies would be a good way to collect the moisture.

Medina's nappy wrapped around the fridge compressor

Medina’s nappy wrapped around the fridge compressor

He then asked if I could buy a larger size of nappy, as the newborn nappies were just a bit too small. No worries, so the next day I was off to the shops to buy Medina her nappies. At the shops I had a dilemma, do I buy the boys nappies or the girls nappies? Would it even make a difference? I decided to go with the boys nappies, not knowing how long it would take for the moisture from fridge compressor to fill a nappy or how often the Skipper wanted to change them. My logic was, we could always use them for Orbit (when he grows a lot bigger) if they were the wrong ones.

That night the Skipper opened the packet of larger nappies, I was struck by how big they were compared to the newborn nappies. I couldn’t imagine how big Orbit would be or what he would be able to achieve by the time he was big enough to fit into them.

A few weekends ago, we discovered another reason for Medina to have nappies. We were quite happily sailing along, when the Skipper called out “can you please get one of Medina’s nappies” … this doesn’t sound too good I thought. It turns out, one of us (who shall rename nameless) didn’t put the lid on one of the water tanks properly and because of the angle we were sailing, the our fresh water was going into the bilge. There wasn’t too much water and a nappy was a great way to soak it up quickly!

Orbit is now wearing the same size nappy as Medina and he has grown into the little boy I could not imagine 21 months ago. Orbit will hopefully be out of nappies soon but we’ll still keep a few on board for Medina.

Orbit at 22 months

Orbit at 22 months


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