On the road again

Orbit at the beach in Hervey Bay (part of his usual routine)

Orbit at the beach in Hervey Bay (part of his usual routine)

The last few weeks have been quite hectic as we’ve spent a fair amount of time in and travelling to and from Brisbane for work and other commitments.

We’ve had a number of different people ask us ‘why didn’t you just stay in Brisbane?’. We could have, and it would have been a lot easier on everyone involved, but we would still be in Brisbane, waiting to leave. Being in Hervey Bay means we have left, we have started the next stage of our adventure.

We also want to slow travel. It’s not just about hopping from one destination to another on our way to somewhere else. Its about spending time in a place, getting to know it and the people who live there.

The ‘messiness’ is not going to be like this forever. We have parameters around how long we plan to be here, how much money we would like to have in the bank and jobs that need to be done prior to starting the next leg on our adventure. It’s easier to keep the ‘messiness’ in perspective and just take each day and week as it comes, making the most of each location we find ourselves in.

We are extremely fortunate to be able to alternate between staying with our respective parents. They are happy to look after Orbit when both the Skipper and I are at work. What we are doing would not be possible without them. Being able to spend this amount of time them is priceless, particularly as we won’t have the opportunity to do so once we start to head further north.

The car trips do get a bit boring at times

Because of the amount of driving we are doing and the distances we are covering, the Skipper and I decided to upgrade my old car to something a bit newer and a bit safer. It has been a strange feeling upgrading cars. I had a certain pride in driving around in my early 90’s car. It was far from flash, daggy even. But that was ok, it was unpretentious and I didn’t have to worry about anyone dinting it in the shopping centre car park or stealing it. It wasn’t worth anything as a whole or in parts and I don’t think any self respecting car thief would be seen in my car!

I’ve realised that I have made a rookie error by stopping off at a McDonalds about half way between Hervey Bay and Brisbane to have something to eat, go to the toilet and stretch our legs each time we pass through. I am not saying that taking your child to McDonalds is bad, it’s just Orbit now wants to go to McDonalds each time we pass one. I had never noticed how many McDonalds there were until Orbit points each one out to me and I have to tell him that we’re not going in.

Each trip I remind myself I need to be more organised and take a packed lunch for us to have a picnic one of the lovely parks with a fantastic playground. But it just doesn’t seem to happen¬†– maybe next trip …

Passing the time in the laundry - waiting for our washing

Passing the time in the marina laundry

I have been a bit concerned about our travel, its randomnessto swim with them¬† and what it would mean for Orbit settling in as there is no routine to our time in Brisbane. I try to be in Hervey Bay for Orbit’s swimming lessons and day care, but sometimes that is not possible. He seems to be taking it all in his stride and hasn’t complained yet. The hardest part is when Orbit and I are in Hervey Bay and the Skipper is away for more than a few days, but we keep ourselves busy exploring and finding new things to do, as well as the usual everyday things.

Each time we pack up to go back to Brisbane, Orbit says he is going on holidays, which I think is a fantastic way of looking at it. I can see where he is coming from, because it is a bit of a holiday for him, its a break from his ‘normal’ routine, he gets to hang out with family and friends and do things he would not normally get to do. What may seem mundane living in a house, is still new and exciting for Orbit. It’s the little things that he loves, like watering the garden, playing in a backyard and having a bath.

Some people assume that because we live on a boat that we are on a permanent holiday and I can see how they think that. But as a lovely friend who also lives on a sailing boat recently told me, we still have to do all the usual everyday things one would do in a house, the laundry still needs to be done, meals cooked and the boat cleaned, its just we get to do it in some pretty amazing locations.

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