Long time, no post

Orbit and his 'paw'

Orbit and his ‘paw’

It’s been a while since I have published a post. Everything and everyone is ok, there have been other priorities than the blog in the last few months.

So after my surgery (nothing major), Orbit cutting his finger (which required surgery and a splint which is still on 6 weeks later), work, illness, jobs on Medina, writers block and (thankfully) some good sailing, I have vowed to be on track with posting each week.

I am grateful for the experiences of the last few months because I have been reminded of –

  • how wonderful family and friends are when you need them and how I will never take them for granted
  • the power of resilience and how each day everyone demonstrates it in their own way
  • the importance of keeping everything in perspective, no matter how big that perspective may need to be
  • how special the little things are and how they¬†allow us to keep moving

Woo hoo!

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