Duck, duck, goose

I seem to have a thing for bird stories at the moment. This next one is an interesting tale. A tale of how I ended up being the goose!

Can you see the rainbow lorikeet?

Can you see the rainbow lorikeet?

But first a bit of context. Orbit and I regularly walk along the Wynnum/Manly/Lota Esplanade. One of the most interesting sections is the mangroves. I have lived in the area for over ten years now and never noticed how much life was in the mangroves, until I started walking past them with Orbit.

During any adventure, I try to keep a look out for things that Orbit may find interesting, fish, birds, the moon, the travel lift moving a boat, kite surfers or a funny shaped stick. And now, he does the same for me. With probably the same strike rate for interest!

A few weeks ago, we were walking past the mangroves when Orbit said, ‘bird, bird, mummy bird’ while pointing at the mangroves. The further we walked, the more insistent he was. I hadn’t seen any bird, but to keep the peace I turned around.

There is a duck in this photo, somewhere ...

There is a duck in this photo, somewhere …

I knew we reached the right spot on the path, when he started to point more vigorously while saying, “mummy, bird, bird”. I still could not see the bird. I walked up and down the path, looking at the same area and still could not see the bird – until it moved. Once I saw it, it was so obvious! It was a rainbow lorikeet, a native Australian bird. I am used to seeing them in eucalyptus or wattle trees, not mangroves!

For the past few weeks, at a different part of the mangroves, Orbit has been saying ‘duck, duck’ and pointing to a particular tree.  Based on the ‘lorikeet experience’, I have been trying to see this duck. I thought I had seen a duck, but it looked like it was nesting in a mangrove tree. I mean when do you see a duck in mangroves and I am pretty sure ducks don’t nest in mangroves … do they?

The duck!

The duck!

I must confess, I was starting to doubt that there was a duck. Given the Orbit had been saying it for a few weeks and I had still not seen the duck, I had stated saying “duck, duck, goose”, whenever he said ‘duck’. I even started to question my hearing, was Orbit trying to say truck, stuck or other multiple words that rhyme with duck?

But then this week, I saw the duck! There was a duck!

I think its a pacific black duck. I have put in a photo of what the mangroves actually look like, plus a photo that I have zoomed in and has had the light enhanced.

So I guess I am the goose after all!


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