A rainbow in the shower

You know that feeling when you have a toddler under your supervision, you know they’re somewhere in the boat/house/apartment but you can’t see them and its very very quiet … too quiet … During the week, I had one of those moments.

This is what I found –



My initial emotion was relief. I was relieved that Orbit was a. on the boat (the fear of him falling in the water never goes away); b. not doing something that could hurt him; c. not causing any damage; and d. not making a big mess to clean up.

IMG_4629The next emotion was delight. I was delighted that Orbit had found something constructive and creative to do.

I asked Orbit what he was drawing and he said a rainbow. We had seen a few rainbows over the previous few days and I was fastinated by his ability to transfer what he was seeing onto the walls of the shower.

Drawing rainbows in the shower has now become part of Orbit’s going to bed routine – dinner, potty, drawing rainbows, shower (washing off rainbows), clean teeth followed by play time with the Skipper and then bed.

Bath crayons are great (thanks Julie for suggesting them). They clean off really easily in the shower (a washer and water is all that is needed) and I think Orbit enjoys removing the pictures as much as drawing them. Am definitely going to be stocking up on bath crayons prior to going cruising!

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