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My friend Dingo

I have a friend called Dingo. Dingo lives on Medina with me, my mum and my dad. Dingo is from K’gari (Fraser Island) and he is two years old.

Dingoes are awesome because can run super fast, they have dens to sleep in and they don’t bark, they howl. You have to be careful around dingoes, they can be dangerous. You should never feed or try to pat a dingo because they might try and bite you. They are wild animals. Always stay with your mum and dad.

My friend Dingo likes to go sailing on Medina and he likes the same music as me, Coldplay.

Dingo is going to come sailing with us to Wallaginji (Lady Musgrave Island) and K’gari (Fraser Island) next week. Dingo is looking forward to seeing his home again.

It’s time for the handover …

We haven’t posted for many years and a lot has changed …

Orbit is no longer a toddler – he is an 8 year old boy.

Medina is no longer yellow – she is whisper grey.

But somethings don’t change …

We still go on our daily adventures – on the water or on land.

We have been fortunate to have adventures from K’gari (Fraser Island) to Yunbenun (Magnetic Island) across the Tasman to Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland) and back to the beautiful waters of the Quandamooka people (Moreton Bay). I hope to post about our adventures as time and the new editor allows.

New editor I hear you say?

Yes, it’s time to hand over the editing responsibilities to someone who is ready to take on the responsibility and who can meet the required adventure quota per day.

The new editor is (of course) Orbit himself!