Living the Slow Dream

IMG_3165I didn’t realise that the adventures we are having and planned to have, has a name. There is something comforting in putting a name to something, it gives us a place, a focal point, something concise to say when people ask about what we are doing.

We are slow travelling. What is slow travelling? Its where the journey is just as important as the destination. Its a lifestyle that encompasses people, places and experiences. To move through the world as sustainably as possible, not only from an environmental perspective but from a social perspective as well.

Slow travel is part of the concept of slow living, The guys at The Slow Movement ( explain the slow living really well. Slow living aims to address the issue of ‘time poverty’ through making connections.

photo 5We are searching for connection. We want connection to people – ourselves, our family, our community, our friends, – to food, to place (where we live), and to life. We want connection to all that it means to live – we want to live a connected life.

For us this doesn’t mean ‘dropping out of the rat race’. It means making conscious decisions of how we participate in life. We don’t have a massive bank balance, we will have to work as we go, which presents the opportunity to be a part and contribute to the communities that we will be staying with.


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