4 thoughts on “Thank you Cruising Helmsman

  1. Chris

    Hello Rachel. I noticed your ‘like’ on our Medina journals a few days ago and remember thinking “how odd, these guys are interested in the old journals!” But now I understand! I have just read your article in CH, recognised your name, and definitely recognised Medina the monohull. So you are the guys who bought her from Dave & Mary Nicholson who built her and also built the first Medina, the catamaran! Isn’t sailing a small world. She is a beautiful vessel; you have done well. You will see in one of the last Medina summer cruises that the two Medinas were together at Trousers Point – Flinders Island. It was quite special to have Dave’s two ‘creations’ in the same anchorage!

    We have a couple of articles in the February issue too and made the front cover! Phil Ross has been very kind to us.

    Would love to have you as followers if you are interested. All the best – Chris & Wade

    1. Rachel Maas Post author

      Thanks Chris and Wade, will definitely track down the photo on your blog … am in the process of following your blog, currently have a dodgy internet connection so crossing fingers it holds for the next little while. Love the photo on the front page of CH and really loved the article on the Furneaux Group! I feel so lucky that the sailing world is so large but so small at the same time 🙂

    2. Chris

      Hi again Rachel – thank you for the follow and congratulations on your article. It made some very interesting reading for us childless, carefree sailors! What a responsibility…


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