But how will Santa find us?

We had had enough, by last Friday we had decided we had spent way too long in the marina and it was time to put our to do lists to one side and go sailing – after all, we didn’t buy a boat to live in a marina! After a quick update on the weather, we decided to head to one of our favourite anchorages.

The interesting thing about this particular anchorage is when ever we sail there, we seem to get stuck in a ‘Bermuda-like-Triangle’. It is like time slows down and even though we are doing a fairly consistent speed, we never seem to get any closer. But then when we have two or three nautical miles to go, time seems to speed up and all of a sudden we’re taking the sails down and we are anchoring. Maybe it is an optical illusion, maybe it is because we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves, I am not sure but it is part of the reason why it is one of our favourite anchorages in Moreton Bay.

Image from Museum Victoria website

Image from Museum Victoria website

The following afternoon we were having some sundowners on our friend’s boat. The family were staying out for about two weeks including the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We were heading back to the marina the following day but were planning to head back out again on Christmas Day. While we were discussing where to anchor on Christmas day one of their son’s said, but how will Santa find us?

My ears picked up – we will be asked the same question in a few years time, so I was keen to hear mum and dad’s answer.

Dad explained how just like them, Santa had a AIS (automatic identification system) and a GPS (global positioning system). Dad said he would make sure their AIS was turned on so Santa could find them and Mum said she would e-mail Santa and give him their location, just in case the AIS system wasn’t working for some reason. They went on to explain that the reindeer can land on water and his sleigh floats, so Santa will be able to put their presents on the boat – but only if they are asleep.

Fantastic answer, Merry Christmas!

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