Orbit’s last week at kindy

The Skipper and I have agreed the hardest thing about leaving Hervey Bay was Orbit’s last week of kindy. Orbit loved going to kindy. It is where he made friends, learnt to write his own name, gained confidence in his speech and developed a joy of gardening.

As part of the transition from kindy, Orbit’s teachers suggested for him to do show and tell of what it is like to live on a sailing boat and his adventures. We decided to make a movie of Orbit’s life on Medina as it would be a bit of fun amongst the chaos of provisioning. Orbit chose what he wanted to show in the movie and what music to have in the background. The movie was a ‘hit’ at kindy, with the the children asking Orbit lots of questions.

Given the movie is an extension of my some what amateur drawings of Orbit’s life on Medina when he was one and two; and because it is from Orbit’s perspective, I thought I would share his video.

We hope you enjoy this little insight into his world.

p.s. Orbit will be finishing his kindy year on Magnetic Island as part of his transition to prep year.


2 thoughts on “Orbit’s last week at kindy

  1. Rebecca George

    Thank you Rach and Orbit for the tour of Medina and your beach visit. Loved the peaceful young man fast asleep after a busy day. Cheers, Rebecca


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