Our new adventure

“Wait Mummy, I have to check the tides!”

We are finally on the first day of our new adventure!

Our preparation has taken weeks, with a big rush at the end. And even though the Skipper and I have been ships in the night, it has all worked out (we think!).

4 weeks ago, the Skipper was fitting new electronics (including a new wind vane) and doing general maintenance.

3 weeks ago, while the Skipper was in Brisbane for work, I was provisioning the heavy and bulky items that will be hard to carry when we don’t have a car.

2 weeks ago, while I was in New Zealand for work, the Skipper was servicing the engine, replacing halyards and finishing off his general maintenance list.

1 week ago, while the Skipper was in Egypt for work, I continued to provision, focusing on non-perishable items and cooking back up meals to freeze. It was Orbit’s last week at kindy and swimming lessons. At the end of the week, Orbit and I headed to his Brisbane to spend time with our family and friends.

Goodbye Hervey Bay

It’s hard to believe that 24 hours before we left this morning, we were 250kms away at Orbit’s grandparents house.

Our last day and night in Hervey Bay were quite emotional, saying goodbye and see you soon to family and friends, provisioning our fresh food, packing, organising, reorganising, throwing things out, repacking and reorganising, washing, filling water tanks and a bit of sleep.

We were all up early this morning to do the final preparations so we could catch the high tide. At one point, Orbit said “Wait Mummy, I have to check the tides”! Once he had ‘checked the tides’ in his tide book, he gave the ok for the Skipper to start Medina’s engine … (who is the Skipper? 🙂 ) By 7am we were finally ready to leave, just after the peak of the high tide.

Because of our rushed preparation in the last 24 hours, we haven’t travelled far, just to Fraser Island. There was any wind to push Medina along, so we just motored and enjoyed the scenery as we’re not sure when we’ll be seeing it again.

Orbit was so excited to be out of the marina. He was more involved this time and enjoyed helping the Skipper navigate by pointing out beacons, other boats and a lighthouse. He even ‘organised morning tea’, which involved finding the lamingtons, bringing them into the cockpit and saying “Mummy, are you hungry?”

Orbit pointing out the lighthouse on Big Woody Island

After a bit of rest and relaxation we’ll be ready for our journey north. Over the coming weeks I hope to post about our Hervey Bay adventures and our adventures sailing north. But for now, I’m off for a nana nap …

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