The ultimate balancing act

I have been trying to write a post (one that I had planned on publishing two weeks ago) on what is for me, the ultimate parent balancing act. Writing about this topic was a lot harder than I had originally thought – hence the two week delay.

IMG_5898For me, the ultimate balancing act when it comes to parenting (and I am sure it is different for everyone), is balancing my fear of something happening to Orbit (e.g. falling in the water and drowning) versus providing Orbit with the experiences to build his confidence (e.g. walking along the floating pontoons without a life vest).

The words for this post just aren’t flowing, but the emotions sure are. So, given the topic is one that I am sure everyone has an opinion on, I am curious to know about your experiences of balancing building a toddler’s confidence versus managing your fear of something going wrong. It doesn’t have to be sailing or boat related as I am sure this balancing act isn’t reserved to the sailing domain. Please leave a comment on the blog or comment on the my sailing boat Facebook page.

I promise to publish another post soon – maybe a less controversial though …

Looking forward to the discussion


p.s. if you are going to comment, please be respectful of other people’s parenting decisions, as we are never in their situation at the time that they have to make a decision, ta.

One thought on “The ultimate balancing act

  1. K

    Oh this is a hard one Rach! Because like you said we are all different and have different opinions on what is “acceptable” or not.

    I probably am quite free… Maybe that stems from having 6? I don’t know. I knew I never wanted to be a “helicopter parent”… But how far is too far to let them go?

    I look at the world we live in today and realize they will need to be tough to even survive… And I want my kids to survive well.

    I mean… I never thought I would of let number 6 ride on the shoulders of number 1 whilst on a skateboard and going down a slight hill… But they both survived and had fun. Number 1 is very protective and wouldn’t let anything happen to numer 6 (intentionally of course) so I felt safe letting him do that… (I may have not looked!!) but she wasn’t phased at all… Rather wanted “more”. And maybe because I am more relaxed I thought the worse that could happen is we take a trip to the hospital if need be? Who knows why… But I was ok with it.

    I have always tended to “let them go” on playgrounds and the like… And touch wood I’ve not had a broken bone or hospital visit yet! Not bad odds with 5 blue ones! But in turn they are very confident.. They are careful and cautious… Brave but at the same time don’t behave with a “no fear” mentality. I trust my kids and they know that. I am often told how confident they are. They can hold their own that’s for sure. And they all have eachothers back. They seem to have a lot of patience with eachother (not as much with me! Lol!) and are fiercely protective of eachother. And kind. I always tell them to be kind and treat others how they want to be treated..

    As for “something” happening… Well what can you do? Is it already written? Is it sliding doors… That we get stuck in traffic so we miss something happening further down the road? Or when we sit back and look and think “that could’ve been so much worse!”… I don’t want to live with regret or what if… I kinda want my kids to be the same. Give it a go I say to them… I will explain the pros and cons to them… But don’t want to hold them back if they want to try something… Or force them into something I think is cool or something I want them to do.

    Who knows… I just buckle up and hang on for the ride I feel like most days. I feel like I fly by the seat of my pants… With no idea at all. It’s hard. Like with most decisions… As long as I can sleep at night. And as long as they are laughing and having fun. I believe what will be will be… I can only do the best I can for that moment.

    Good topic Rach… Bless x


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