Dragging anchor or coming over to say hello?

We're out of the marina!

We’re out of the marina!

After 8 long months, Medina is out of the marina and for the past week and a bit we have been cruising around Moreton Bay. During the 8 months of Medina’s hibernation (but not ours), the Skipper has rebuilt the engine, ‘refurbished’ the anchor well and we have ticked off a few other minor but just as important tasks that make living and cruising on a sailing boat possible.

To be back sailing again has been like jumping into Moreton Bay on a hot day – refreshing. We’ve had a mix bag of weather conditions, from still warm humid nights to gusty 25 knot winds and a full day and night of rain. Through it all Orbit has been taking our adventure in his stride relishing have both the Skipper and I full time. He has grown so much in the past 8 months and is able to participate even more in the adventures that we’ve been having.

New life jacket

New life jacket

One afternoon, we were comfortably anchored, reading books when the Skipper broke our companionable silence with “Is that boat dragging its anchor?” Always an interesting question and always a question to get us of our bottoms and looking around to see where the potential action is.

In this case a boat was dragging its anchor and floating towards Medina (the comfortable feeling quickly disappeared). I went up on to the bow to get a better look to see if there was anyone onboard and to find out what the boat’s name was, in case we needed to get their attention and let know that their anchor was no longer holding them fast. With all the sudden movement, Orbit was aware that something was going on and came up on the bow with me – he’s at the age where he isn’t going to miss out on anything!

Grey skies didn't stop us from mini adventures on the beach

Grey skies didn’t stop us from mini adventures on the beach

When the boat was within about 50m of Medina, a lady appeared the cockpit and the Skipper yelled a warning of “[insert name of boat] you’re dragging!”. The startled lady quickly let others on board know. No sooner had the Skipper yelled the warning then Orbit (who was on the bow with me) started to yelling “you’re dragging” over and over. Presuming this was something the lady and the crew on the other boat did not want to hear, no matter how cute Orbit is, I quickly tried to distract him by letting him know that the crew were ok and that they had everything under control.

Despite the flurry of activity by the other crew, they were getting pretty close to Medina and I was about to grab Orbit and take to a safe spot in case the two boats hit. As I turned to pick him up, Orbit started to yell “hello, hi!” and began waving. He thought the people on the other boat were coming over to say hello and stay for visit. He had his arms out, waiting for me to lift him over the lines and on to their boat. After I had picked Orbit up and started to walk away from the boat, he started to cry and said, “nooooo”. He really wanted to hop on the other boat – the sociable little fella! By this stage the other boat pulling had started their engine and were motoring away.

Medina at our current anchorage (not the one were we had the close call)

Medina at our current anchorage (not the one were we had the close call)

Instead of taking Orbit down below, we waved the other boat goodbye and through Orbit’s tears of disappointment, he waved them goodbye. The lady who we originally let know that their boat was dragging waved back with a relieved smile.

We’ve had no other close calls on the trip so far, I say touching wood because we still out here. We’ve had some fantastic adventures in the tinny, explored beaches, tested our theoretical systems for water, power and rubbish management, the Skipper caught fish, squid and even a mackerel on a transit across Moreton Bay. We’ve revised our list of tasks to do before we go on our extended cruise and we even remembered how to put the sails up and down!

But most importantly we have had fun, enjoying the company of people from other boats and on land and our own. It has the best way to start the New Year and I hope you have started the New Year with as much joy as we have!

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