Knock, knock, Medina, are you there?

I can hear you guys knocking on Medina’s hull or deck, asking “Medina, are you there?”

One of Medina's milestones

One of Medina’s milestones – the anchor well has been repainted and the anchor and chain are back on.

Yep, well sort of. It’s been a big few weeks. In the last three weeks, we’ve only spent 5 nights on Medina. I will explain all in the coming weeks, but in summary, it’s been a tad hectic. And I haven’t had the opportunity to update the blog as I would have liked.

The biggest thing is that Medina is nearly ready to spread her sails. Yep, Medina is nearly ready to go sailing!

We’ve also got a few big weeks coming up, so have lots to share about living on a sailing boat with a toddler.

I’ll also be attempting to overhaul the site to make it more user friendly. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the site.

Thanks for your patience and may your adventure continue too!

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